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We will talk about your lifestyle whether you work or go to school, how you spend your leisure time and other factors to determine the best solution for your needs. Your audiologist may also counsel your family members explaining how to communicate more effectively with you.


An important part of the appointment is evaluating how well different hearing instruments work for you. There are many different styles, sizes and performance features to consider. The type and severity of your hearing loss, ear anatomy, lifestyle, manual dexterity, design preference as well as budget are all integral factors to consider when selecting hearing instruments.


Once the devices have been selected and fitted, the audiologist will show you how to insert, remove, and care for them and, if applicable, how to adjust them for your different listening situations and environments.


Instruments fit at Hearing Resource Center of San Mateo are covered by a 60-day adjustment period, giving you time to get used to them and the audiologists an opportunity to fine tune them, if required.

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