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Hearing Resource Center patients have access to the LACE Online auditory training program. This program provides another option for patients who are aided as well as those who do not need hearing aids, but have trouble understanding speech in the presence of background noise. Patients can complete these lessons on their home computer, laptop or tablet computers by logging in at with their individual access code.


LACE stands for Listening and Communication Enhancement . It is a series of 11 online 20-minute lessons providing patients with practice in-sentence comprehension in the presence of background noise, multiple talker background sound, competing individual speakers, and increasingly more rapid speech. This series of adaptive individual training lessons was developed at UCSF Medical Center Audiology Deptartment and is a well researched auditory training program proven to improve listening skills for most patients.
Access to these online lessons is included with your hearing aid purchase or may be provided for our interested patients who are not candidates for use of amplification.

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